Activate your inner beauty


The TDA system consists of a computer-guided application station, a handy applicator and TDA cartridges. This system creates highly concentrated and especially pure oxygen out of the surrounding air. This is an essential part of the treatment. The special barrier-breaking substances in the product are activated by the high oxygen partial pressure.This opens the skin in such a way that the active ingredients can pass through to the deep dermis. Active ingredients are applied to the skin with the handy TDA applicator.  The TDA applicator is guided at a certain distance over the skin regions to be treated. While conventional cosmetic applications cannot penetrate the stratum corneum, TDA transports active ingredients into the deepest skin layers.


TDA regenerates the skin from within and the skin regains its natural tautness. Deposits of the active ingredients are formed in addition to a regulation of the balance of free radicals and an improved supply of oxygen in the dermis. As a consequence, cell nourishment is activated further ensuring sustainably improved skin and visible tightening.


SEYO TDA is an exceptionally flexible therapy system offering custom programs for all skin conditions. The treatment can specifically target the face, neck, décolletage and hands, but also problem areas with scars. Furthermore, the intensity can be varied across these areas of skin, for example in the care-intensive region around the eyes. The application is tailored to the physical properties of each of the cocktails of active ingredients, to ensure that all of the substances enter the skin in the best possible way to achieve the fullest effect.

  • HYAL N10

    For intrinsically aged skin

    Stimulates the skin’s collagen production,

    boosts microcirculation and activates the absorption of active ingredients in the deepest layers of the skin. For a natural ‘lifting effect’.


    For visibly extrinsically aged skin

    Has the highest concentration of anti-ageing active ingredients. For the deep regeneration of cell-damaged skin, visibly reduced wrinkles and

    a younger complexion.


    For diagnosed problem skin

    Promotes skin conditions which contribute to combatting blemishes and inflammation and helps to improve the skin’s appearance in cases of acne, bacterial complaints and skin fungus.


    Premium cell activation

    Cell-activating anti-aging premium product for special face treaments. Provides the skin with intensive nourishment and effective regeneration, focussing on the persistent improvement of extrinsically aged skin


    First Aid

    Tranquilises, cools and hydrates the skin, supports the skin’s own repair mechanism and diminishes reddness and tightness

TDA steht für die Transdermale Applikation von SEYO. Sie ist die weltweit erste dermatologisch - ästhetische Therapie, bei der spezifische Aktivstoffe ohne Nadel in tiefste Hautschichten gelangen und dort Wirkdepots bilden.